"If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up people to collect wood and don’t assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea."

— Antoine de Saint Exupéry (via really-shit)

This made me laugh.


The Fine Art of the Clay Hold: An inside look at the process of creating an entirely different type of hold than you’re probably used to seeing.

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These are really interesting.

"I don’t know whats wrong with me but I love this shit"

tommy caldwell

probably the most accurate quote about rock climbers to exist.

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I don’t know if I’ve done the right thing. I’m sorry I’ve spoken.

That is my least favorite feeling.


Things I WOULD Wish Upon My Enemies Part III

I feel like someone has wished upon me the one about spoons in soup. I am absolutely the worst about dropping things into soup.


Things I WOULD Wish Upon My Enemies Part III

I feel like someone has wished upon me the one about spoons in soup. I am absolutely the worst about dropping things into soup.

What amazes me even further about my pushy religious roommate is that he’s gone around and done this to all three of us. Like he’s sizing up what we believe and how wrong we are about life, because we all know he doesn’t agree with us.

I want to sit him down and say “Look, I know you think you’re doing what God wants you to do, but I’ll bet God doesn’t want you to alienate the people you live with to the point that they throw you out. Because you live with us now, not the other way around, so stop acting like you’ve got a responsibility to educate us. Beside, your pushy ass view sets me in a light that I don’t fucking live in. However you perceive me based on your religion exists only in your mind. So learn who we are and how to exist with us, and we will take the same kind measures.”

But I’m sure he’d say, if that’s God’s will, that you throw me out, then so be it.

I don’t like him. I think he uses God as an excuse to not take responsibility for his own actions. I would like for this to already be behind me, because if we kick him out, then we have to replace him, and that doesn’t sound like fun.

Holy shit, that guy’s house burnt down.

I cannot even believe that happened yesterday.

Nothing about yesterday seems believable, except the sunburn I got from gawking in the sun for three or four hours, and the garlic knots I ate for dinner.

I talked to my room mate who seems to be so unbelievably opposite to Sam and I that I can’t believe they’re friends at all. Living together is like a death sentence to unsure friendships. I know someone would tell us we need to be more open minded, but my answer to them is I’m allowed to have opinions about what should and should not happen in my house. And if I’m trying to mesh what I believe with someone who believes almost none of the same things I believe, even just about how to do anything at all during the day, not faith or life philosophy, just about what constitutes “using the kitchen,” how the fuck do we expect ourselves to inhabit the same space with any sort of smoothness..

I spent the day sort of trying to smooth everything over, because Sam got really fucking mad at Mike and yelled at him the other day. But then Mike took me answering those questions as sort of license to hate on Sam’s habits a little. To which I replied I didn’t give a shit how much sense Sam’s habits made to me (and I couldn’t care less how mike felt about them honestly), that he had the right to have them and if they made him happy, or if he enjoys them in some way that’s not obvious or seemingly reasonable, that I just couldn’t be bothered to ask him why he didn’t pursue an easier path. For instance Sam collects all the grass clippings from the yard in a stupid little bag as he mows which he has to constantly empty. Mike thinks this is stupid and asks me why he does this. I say, I don’t know, and I don’t care. I wouldn’t bother at all with the grass clippings, but  if Sam enjoys collecting them, probably living out some adult fantasy about a beautiful yard, then why should I care, or even ask why he does it that way. He’s a smart man, he knows he doesn’t have to collect yard clippings. He’s enjoying it in some way. Stop hating.

It was just that Mike didn’t seem to be able to wrap his head about the idea that I don’t care, that Sam is going to do this thing, even though Mike thinks there’s an easier solution. Mike could not give weight to the joy/want/reality, that someone’s doing this in a way that doesn’t make sense to him, and that doesn’t necessarily make him stupid. That bothers me. Just because someone does something that is different than how you would do it, doesn’t make it wrong. As long as we can all say “Hey man, to each his own,” and be okay with that, what’s the harm?

Then he lays into me about religion, asking me what my beliefs are, and THEN after sharing them, starts telling me which of my views are “CORRECT.” I am literally dumbfounded that this person lives in my house. If you believe in religion in such a literal way, as to believe those stories word for word about all those impossible things, but refuse to acknowledge that anyone else may have a similarly implausible correct account of the spiritual world, I just feel I cannot relate to you. To be so closed and uninterested in someone else’s interpretation of life is just so fucking boring. I want to know what your humanity has lead you to believe, and I won’t be judged for what mine has lead me to believe.

Or, you can judge me all you like, it just doesn’t affect me in any way, it only affects my opinion of you..

I feel like Mike lied to us about how having his son around was going to be. I feel like Mike is now basically saying “Those things I said don’t make sense, you can’t expect a child to behave that way.” and somehow… That makes it all null. He can’t be held accountable for what he promised because it was unrealistic in the first place, and we shouldn’t be acting like what he promised is even reasonable or was EVER going to happen.

I’m having trouble with this person to say the least.

And in the middle of the kind of insanity we had yesterday, I’m amazed that any of that shit came up. Like, lets all appreciate being alive, and I need to seriously reassess my love for hats and go be with my loved ones, because it is not everyday somebody’s garage starts getting blown to bits by exploding propane tanks which terrified me and honestly, what the hell even happened yesterday.

Today the house two door down from me caught fire and burnt down.

When I woke up, I didn’t know what was happening yet, I could only smell it I kept hearing explosions (propane tanks and the like) and I thought “get a good bra, get a good bra.”

Then, along with my important documents and box full of mementos, I grabbed three hats.

My emergency skills, may need some work.

Now I think someone is trying to get my bank details. What a crazy day.

There’s a screaming baby in my house.

There’s a young man in my house who says “I thought we were on this equality shit” every time I have an opinion he disagrees with.

There’s a man in my house who told me yesterday I didn’t have to wash his dishes. And who questions my capability in daily life regularly on things he sees as “manly activity”. And who plays sugar smooth every time he thinks I’m upset, instead of just asking me what’s wrong.

Sometimes, there’s a five year old in my house who’s father make very little effort to keep him away from activities inappropriate for children, despite having reassured us before moving in that this would be his top most priority. That it wouldn’t even be a problem.

Let me ask you, if someone has a single lane driveway, and the car in the drive way doesn’t not belong to the person you came to see, and there is room to park on the street, do you park that person in, or do you park in the street? Do you ever park that person in and then leave in another car and don’t clear it with the person you’ve parked in or even let them know you’re leaving?